Is the cancellation, delay or missed connection due to force majeure? Then the transport company is not obliged to offer you an overnight stay at its costs.

Your hotel room will therefore not be refunded if the train delay is due to:

  • external circumstances which the railway company could not avoid,
  • conduct by a third party which the transport company was unable to prevent,
  • an error on the part of you, the passenger.

However, in such situations you can still claim financial compensation for the train delay itself (see tab 4). 

The railway company must offer you the following free of charge:

  • food and drinks, depending on the waiting time;
  • an overnight stay in a hotel (including transport from the station to the hotel) if you do not arrive at your destination on the same calendar day;
  • if the train can no longer run: transport to a station (or other point of departure).

If train traffic is stopped, the railway company must provide alternative transport as soon as possible.

If you request it, the railway company must affix proof to your ticket that your train has been delayed, cancelled or that the connection was missed.

The railway company (or station staff) must keep you informed of delays as soon as they are aware themselves. 

In the event of delays or cancelled trains, the railway company must help you.